William Spiff is a Nigerian born contemporary artist, based in Mississauga, Ontario. Working primarily in mixed media, printmaking, photography, graphite, ink, oil/acrylic paint and digital illustration. He is a self taught unconventional artist, William's work is an expression of human consciousness. By infusing geometry and vivid colours he aims to create a narrative of true moments that question the human nature.
Mechanical Engineering Technology (Design): Centennial College(2014)
Oct. 2015: 10th Commffest Film and Arts Festival(Group Show). Toronto, Canada.
Apr. 2016: artexpo New York.  New York, U.S.A.(World wide Art Books)
5th - 30th Oct. 2016: Autumn Blossom 2016. Toronto, Canada.(Norman Felix Gallery)
15th Dec. 2016: Holiday Rawk. Toronto, Canada.(Raw Artists initiative)
9th Nov. 2016 - 8th Jan. 2017: Delight 2016. Toronto, Canada.(Norman Felix Gallery)
5th - 31st Mar. 2017: Slingshot 2017. Toronto, Canada.(Norman Felix Gallery)
18th Aug. 2017: Fixate. Toronto, Canada.(Raw Artists initiative)
Current Masters Vol. 2 (July 2016). Publisher: World Wide Art Books.
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